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Each of our physicians has the freedom to tailor their practice to align with their unique professional goals and interests; this is not a one-size-fits-all practice model.  

Earning Potential

Competitive compensation (top 25%) with unlimited productivity earnings for the right candidate.  Open to full-time, part-time and partner-track positions.


The Western Connecticut area offers beautiful suburbs, top notch schools, great restaurants, and easy access to New York, Cape Cod, the Berkshires, and Vermont.


DAWC is a long-standing and well-respected practice. Established in 1979, our practice has four state of the art offices in Newtown, Ridgefield, New Milford, and Southbury, Connecticut.

By the numbers



Google Reviews


Serving CT for

44 years

We are looking for talented BC/BE physicians to join our team.

come grow with us!

Opportunity Highlights
  • Open to MDs & DOs 

  • 2024 residents & experienced physicians are encouraged to apply 

  • Full-time position practicing four days per week! 

  • Split time between locations (flexible)

  • Partnership opportunity is available!

  • Group has a Mohs Surgeon and DermPath lab on-site 

  • Benefit from this group's excellent reputation & rapidly growing patient base

  • Phenomenal support staff in place

  • Enjoy the autonomy to align your practice with professional goals & interests 

  • Replacement position for a retiring provider  

  • Earn a competitive base plus productivity bonus

Our Partners

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, patient-centered dermatological care. Our practice has a full administrative staff of over 50 employees, including in-house billers, an in-house Mohs surgeon, dermatopathologist, and new pathology lab.  We foster a culture of collaboration between providers, while promoting the autonomy of each provider to tailor their practice to their personal goals and interests.


Knispel, MD


Eickhorst, MD


Buscher, MD

A great place to live and work!

Nestled in southwestern Connecticut, Newtown exudes a timeless allure. It embraces a close-knit community where neighbors extend a warm welcome and lend support when needed. Classic New England aesthetics grace its streets, with colonial buildings and white picket fences adding to its allure. The town boasts a vibrant hub of activity, showcasing boutique shops, cozy cafes and enticing restaurants. Nature enthusiasts revel in its abundant natural beauty, with sprawling meadows, towering trees and serene waters offering endless outdoor opportunities. Education thrives here, with renowned schools and dedicated educators shaping bright futures. Festivals and traditions unite the community, fostering a sense of pride and togetherness. You'll be close to beautiful suburbs, diverse small cities, an abundance of cultural resources and recreational activities. With easy access to New York, Boston, Cape Cod, the Berkshires and Vermont, you'll have a lifetime of exciting opportunities at your fingertips! 

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