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Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser

The Q-Switched ND: YAG is a laser that produces an intense burst of light that fragments and removes tattoo pigments and benign pigmented lesions without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser utilizes a specific wavelength of light to pass the skin and target tattoo ink and pigment. It then breaks the ink into microscopic fragments that will be removed by the body’s natural filtration process.

The YAG laser can remove professional, amateur, traumatic, and medical tattoos.

The type, age, color and depth of ink of the tattoo will affect the number of treatments needed for the best results. The average professional tattoo can require 6-10 treatments, while amateur tattoos can require 4-6 treatments, all spaced approximately 4-8 weeks apart.

Dark tattoo inks like black, blue and red will respond best to YAG treatment. Purple and orange inks will usually fade with recommended treatments. Green and yellow pigments are the most challenging to remove and may require extra treatments to show significant fading.

In many instances, greater than 95% fading of the tattoo is achieved and little to no sign of the tattoo will be visible. Every tattoo has many variables (ink type, depth, color) making it impossible to predict the degree of removal. In some cases, complete clearing of the tattoo may not be possible. Pigmented lesions usually respond very well to treatment.

Before your treatment, you may receive local anesthesia in the skin at the site of the tattoo to reduce discomfort during treatment. Your doctor will discuss all anesthetic options with your prior to YAG therapy. During treatment, the impact of the short laser pulses will feel like a small rubber band snapping on the skin. Immediately following the laser treatment, the area will appear to have a whitish/gray discoloration and pinpoint bleeding may occur. This discoloration may change to a dark reddish/purple color that may take a few weeks to resolve. Occasionally a blood blister will form.

Basic post-treatment care includes covering the area with a light layer of Vaseline and a bandage to keep clothing from rubbing the area. Avoid picking at the treated area and use a gentle cleanser when washing the area. Keep the area out of direct sunlight at all times.

Our office requires a consultation appointment with the doctor so that they may evaluate your tattoo or pigmented lesions and discuss pricing and procedure details with you. Please contact our office so that we may schedule an appointment and help you get started today!

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